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Welcome to the AMIDEAST Education Abroad Programs in the Arab World Student Portal!

Spring 2019 Applications Are Now Open! 

Spring Deadlines:
Spring Applications: October 15th 
Spring Scholarships: October 15th


Using this student portal you can apply to AMIDEAST Education Abroad Programs. Once accepted, you will return to this portal to receive pre-departure information and complete required documents for your program.

In order to get started, click the "Apply Now" button below to view AMIDEAST Program listings. Please remember that AMIDEAST staff is available to answer any questions you may have during the application process. You can email questions to or click on the staff button in the upper left hand corner to contact a specific staff member. We look forward to reviewing your completed application!

Apply Now

Program Application Instructions:
1. Click the blue "Apply Now" button above, or the "New Program Application" link on the left menu.
2. Select the AMIDEAST Education Abroad Program of your choice.
3. Click the "Apply" button on the right menu of the program brochure. Please note, this button will not appear if the program if not currently accepting applications.
4. Create an application account and complete the required questionnaires, ask recommenders and advisors to submit their forms, and have an official transcript sent to AMIDEAST by the applicaiton deadline.
5. You do not have to finish all of your application in one sitting. You can save your answers, log-out, and return at a later date.
6. When you return to the AMIDEAST student portal, please be sure to log-in with your username and password using the "Login" link on the top right bar.
7. Please be sure to click the "Submit" button on all of the required application portions. Your online application is not considered complete until we receive all required submissions.

Scholarship Application Instructions:
1. Click the blue "Apply Now" button above.
2. Select “Scholarship” from the drop-down menu beside the “Program Type” section.
3. Click the "Apply" button on the right menu of the scholarship brochure. Please note, this button will not appear if the scholarship if not currently accepting applications.
4. Follow steps 4 through 7 above.

A completed program application includes the following:

1. Online Application: Complete and submit all "Application Questionnaires" on the Program Application Page (Pre-Decision). 

2. Study Abroad Advisor Form:  Complete the student portion of the Study Abroad Advisor Form. Ask the study abroad advisor at your home institution complete the remainder of the form and submit it to AMIDEAST.

3. Recommendation Forms: Your application is not complete until AMIDEAST receives two recommendation forms completed by two different faculty members. You will be able to request recommendations through the student portal.

  • The form that you will send to your recommender from the student portal is divided into two parts: a section for a General Recommendation and a section for a Language Recommendation.

  • All students must submit at least one recommendation from a faculty member from any non-language discipline who has direct experience with your academic work. The form will provide instructions for them to answer only the General Recommendation questions. 

  • Students who have studied a language at the university level, must also submit one recommendation from a faculty member who has taught you either of Modern Standard or colloquial Arabic (or French for Regional Studies in French students only). If you have studied language at the university level, you should request a recommendation from a current instructor or your most recent instructor.

  • Applicants who have not studied a language at the university level should submit two recommendations from faculty members from any non-language discipline who has direct experience with your academic work. 

4. Official Transcript(s): Please request an official transcript from each college or university you have attended and ensure that the transcript(s) is/are sent to AMIDEAST. Transcripts must be submitted by mail to the address below:

AMIDEAST Education Abroad Programs

2025 M St. NW, Suite 600

Washington, DC, 20036

5. For Regional Studies In French Only: Please submit a supplemental 250-500 word essay in French and attach it as a Word document to the appropriate questionnaire.


  • The AMIDEAST Education Abroad Student Portal operates best on the Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers. Errors can occur when completing your application especially in the Safari web browser.

  • If you are applying to more than one program, please make sure that you rank the application on the applicatnt home page. If there is other information about your program selections you wish to communicate, please email us at

  • Once you submit the online portion of an application you will no longer be able to edit it. If you have already submitted your application and have further information to share, please contact us at

  • Please check your application status frequently to ensure that your supporting documents (Recommendations, Study Abroad Advisor Form, and Transcript) have been received. If you are certain that documents have been submitted but do not see them item marked as received, please email

  • Once a completed application is received students will receive a response from the review committee within 30 days. 

  • If a student is accepted they will be given 14-30 days to confirm their participation and secure their position in the program. If the student does not confirm in the time frame, their space may be offered to another interested student. 

  • As there are a limited number of spots on each program, students are encouraged to apply and confirm their participation as soon as possible.

  • For additional questions, please visit the Applications Frequently Asked Questions page.

Thank you for your interest in AMIDEAST Education Abroad Programs in the Arab World.

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